Conditioner Bar

They say that any journey begins with a single step, and we at Jester Bee Soapery couldn’t agree more, our Conditioner Bars are perfect companions while you’re out and about. Perfect for all hair types, our bars aren’t watered-down or harsh. Instead, it offers rich moisture  for lustrous locks, just like our Shampoo Bars.

Our Hair Conditioner Bar is a luxurious hair treatment on the go. Made with all-natural ingredients, including honey, olive oils (for dry scalp), and shea butter (to moisturize), this bar is the perfect size to soften your locks and can fit in any purse or bag. It pairs perfectly with our Shampoo Bars, so you can forget all about your worries of having to have bulky bottles of shampoo and conditioner in your shower!

Apply Conditioner Bar directly to your hair after shampooing as a conditioning agent, or   massage into wet hair and no-rinse off needed. A little goes a long way. 

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