Introducing… Mini Soaps!!!

Introducing… Mini Soaps!!!

There’s something about life in miniature that is irresistible. Think about it… babies, ducklings, puppies, cupcakes, dolls, dollhouse furniture… Often the smaller something is, the cuter it is! Miniature items have tons of benefits – they fit in small places, they’re easy to transport, they tend to be cheaper, children love them, and they’re more fun! With this in mind, we at Jester Bee Soapery thought it would be fun and handy to create some of our very own miniature soaps in creative shapes and bright colors. We love how they turned out and can’t wait for you to try them too! 

Our new mini soaps come in three exciting collections: 

Over the Rainbow – delight in cheerful sunny colors in the shape of clouds and rainbows!

Lego – build your way to cleanliness with this childhood staple of a toy turned mini soap!

Under the Sea – make bath time or any time fun with vibrant sea creatures: sea stars, mermaid tails, shells, fish, and sea turtles!

We are proud to say that our brand-new mini soaps are:

  • Perfect for Kids
    Teaching proper handwashing techniques and sanitation habits to children can be frustrating. It’s no secret that kids love to get dirty, regularly (though inadvertently!) spread germs and illness, and rarely - if ever - focus on the consequences of these actions. One way to make cleanliness entertaining for kids is to give them fun soaps! And what is more fun than a brightly-colored miniature soap in the shape of something they love?

  • Convenient for Travel
    When traveling, it can be difficult to find quality soap that you love, and sometimes there is no soap to be had at all! Bringing your own remedies this, but traveling with your regular-sized bar of soap can be cumbersome and… slimy. Instead of toting around a wet slippery mess, just pack some adorable mini soaps and you’re ready to go!

  • Just Right for First Aid Kits
    You never know when an emergency might strike, or when you might want to clean your hands on the go. Because of this, it’s smart to keep a first aid kit at hand wherever you are. We keep first aid supplies in a drawer at home and work, but also one in each vehicle, as well as a miniature one in whatever carry-bag we’re using at the time, whether it’s a backpack, tool bag, diaper bag or purse. For these on-the-go kits, a tiny soap fits perfectly and provides the perfect amount of soap to clean big or little hands wherever you are.

  • Wonderful as Unique, Thoughtful Gifts
    With the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to search for gifts for the special ones in your life. Mini soaps are a perfect choice for many on your list, especially if you’d like to give them something surprising that they’ve never seen before!

Thanks for sticking around to learn about our brand-new mini soaps. Just like with our regular-sized soaps, these minis are good for your skin, as they’re free of harsh chemicals. Now the only hard part is deciding which set to get – Over the Rainbow, Lego, or Under the Sea! Better yet, try all three! 

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